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Launch of a new offer on Trading Market : The T.C.P offer (Trading Consulting Package). A fully automated solution to trade on the market (with Regulated companies and automated trading robot technology) .....

Who we are

A structured network

We are from different companies.

We are from different countries.

We are from different fields of activity.

We are all business leaders.


We decided to combine our skills, our networks, our experiences to offer services to companies in fields as varied as real estate, oil, trading, financial investment, fundraising, ....


We only work with qualified partners and, as needed, who have, in their professional capacity or through their company, all the necessary authorizations to perform the proposed service.





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We explain everything!

We answer all your questions in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian.


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for the first understanding ....

We explain everything!

We answer all your questions in English and French.


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  • Q: Who can use our services ?

    A: In fact, everybody may use our services, company or individual. Many documents are to be furnished. It depends on the demand and the project.

  • Q: Is there upfront fees ?

    A: No. We first listen to you and deliver you a first and fast analyse. If you are interested, then we issue a contract and, depending of the project, fixes fees or proprotional fees. This is one of our added values. But we have many more ....

  • Q: With what company I sign a contract ?

    A: It depends of your project. Our added value is to provide to you the right interlocutor and the right company. If we cannot do anything for you, you do not waste your time and we do not waste our time. We say quickly to you if we cab help on your problem/request or not.

  • Q: What is the minimum document required ?


    A: When we have delivered to you our first analyse, if you are interested, we must sign an NDA so, you have at least to furnish us your passport, certificate of incorporation of your company (if this is not a physical request). Once the NDA is signed, we issue a contract with all necessary documents.



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